Spring Inspiration

Daffodils! The first sign of Spring
photo credit: Lea Roussos

Spring is a time to refresh and renew. It adds new life and new beauty to our worlds. It’s the perfect times to clean out our cupboards, our drawers, to purge old things that we no longer need or use. It is also the perfect time to take stock of ourselves, and how we care for ourselves. I created a little food for thought this week in addition to my Sunday meal prep –

My meal prep this week went back to one of my favorite salads. Full of spice and flavor, but very low in fat, calories, and of course WW points. I made a taco salad the Baby Boomer Mermaid way. Easy! Using mostly pantry ingredients.

Baby Boomer Mermaid Taco Salad

I took about 2 cups of meatless crumbles, and sauteed them with a little chopped red onion, then added an envelope of low sodium taco seasoning mix. I then added 2 cans of drained pinto beans, and one can of chopped tomatoes mixed with green chilies. I let the mixture simmer until the liquid from the tomatoes evaporated. And that was it. Note that you can easily substitute any lean protein for the meatless crumbles, and any type of beans for the pinto beans. This is my recipe. It doesn’t have to be yours. My intent is to inspire you to create healthy, satisfying meals that you will enjoy throughout the week. Meals that will keep you on track.

Tomorrow morning when I put my salad together, I’ll put the greens in my bowl, and will put all of the other ingredients in separate containers until I put my lunch together at the office. The shredded cheese and salad dressing will both go in small 2 tablespoon size containers. The “meat” and bean mixture will go into a 1 cup container. That is how I keep my portions in check. Not shown in the photo is the 1/4 of avocado I’ll be adding to my final dish. I’m excited.

For breakfast this week, I made my egg white frittata with frozen spinach that I drained well and dried, roasted red pepper out of the jar, also drained, and dried, a little chopped red onion, and 1 small tomato that I diced up. I seasoned it with the TJ’s Umami seasoning, salt, and pepper. I did also add about a teaspoon each of ground flax seeds, and chia seeds. Because they are good for me, and they add a little bulk to the dish. I’ll trade off my breakfasts with the cinnamon overnight oats that I made last week, or a little plain Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon, flax seed, chia seed, and topped with berries.

Happy Spring, my friends! Have a great week!

Please send any comments or meal prep tips that you have. I’d love to hear from you!


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