Best Meal Prep!

As you may have noticed, I have taken an indefinite break from blogging. I love this blog, but am working to find a new balance in my life. Now that we are working past the pandemic, and life has gotten busier again I just feel like I have to catch my bearings again. I don’t want to loose myself in the new faster pace of life. Thank you for staying tuned.

Today I just wanted to quickly share my meal prep for the week. Recently I purchased a small case of kelp noodles. It seems that I am always on the hunt for any new “noodle” that isn’t pasta. I had them at a Poke place before, and liked them, but had forgotten about them. When I saw them on a Hungry Girl blog I ordered them immediately. Here is some info about kelp noodles:

With the inspiration of good friend, Stacey, who mentioned the combination of the kelp noodles with Trader Joe’s frozen Beijing vegetable mix, I put together what turned out to be one of my best work lunches ever! And it’s 0 points on WW Blue.

To my wok, I added low sodium vegetable broth, a little tamari sauce, maybe about 2 tablespoons, about a tablespoon of white miso, 2 cubes each of frozen garlic and ginger, and about a teaspoon of Sambal. That is the sauce. When that got hot, I added the frozen veggie mix and frozen edamame, and let that all cook for 5-6 minutes, stirring. Towards the end I added the chopped bok choy, and kelp noodles and let that go for another few minutes. I wanted to keep the bok choy a little crunchy.

In the meantime, I was marinating my tofu cubes according to this recipe: , which I went on to air fry, according to the directions given.

Kelp noodle stir fry with marinated air fried tofu

I hope you are all doing well, my friends, and continuing to take good care of yourselves!

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