Why a Food Routine Works

Throughout my weight loss and weight maintenance journeys I have developed and stuck to food routines. They have morphed and evolved through the years, but I started developing them early on in my journey. It is hard to remember exactly how or when this started for me, as I started with WW almost 10 years ago. It is important to note that success came very slowly for me. It took me 3 years to lose 47 lbs. By attending weekly WW meetings, with the guidance of my smart, funny, inspirational coach, the great Amy B, plus my willingness to do the work it took to make the necessary changes in my life, I did it. The weight came off. And now I have maintained it for almost 7 years.

Lately weekday food routine consists of a light breakfast that consists of plain non fat Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon, chia seeds, and ground flax seeds, topped with blueberries, and a couple of tablespoons of my homemade granola (https://cookieandkate.com/healthy-granola-recipe/). My mid morning snack is generally a small banana and a hard boiled egg (I love mine covered in freshly ground black pepper). Lunch is whatever my #mealprepsunday lunch prep is for the week. My afternoon snack is a piece of seasonal fruit. I also always have a light string cheese with me, although I don’t always eat it. It depends how hungry I am at around 3/3:30, and if I am swimming vs walking after work (a work out of any type after work and on the weekends is another essential routine of mine. I also do 10 – 15 minutes of stretching every single morning). I find that a piece of fruit paired with a protein satiates me for a couple of hours in between meals. As my husband cooks dinner every night (yes, I know how lucky I am), I have plenty of points left for whatever he throws at me. Plus I watch my portions, especially if it is something on the starchy or decadent side. This reminds me of the chart Amy B. used to take out a couple of times a year. The Comfort Zone. It’s important that we stay aware of how we are feeling with regard to our hunger level, and to remind ourselves of how gross we feel when we overeat.

I try to maintain a 3 – 4 range during the day

All that said, I ended up mixing it up this week. Because – I was in the mood for Brunch All Day!! This week I will have my yogurt blueberry bowl for breakfast, but my mid morning snack will be my small banana with chia pudding. My lunch is a caramelized onion, spinach and mushroom baked eggs casserole with broccoli fritters. My afternoon snack this week will be either a Gala apple or a Cara Cara orange (seasonal fruit is key) with a piece of light string cheese (my favorite tasting one is Trader Joe’s Organic Light String Cheese). So I did a lot of meal prep this week, and I enjoyed the process. The chia pudding and broccoli fritters were both from recipes I have never tried before, so both were followed verbatim (see the links below in the captions). The baked eggs were in homage to my favorite omelet from the restaurant where our tribe always had breakfast after our WW meetings, which is now defunct due to the pandemic. Very sad. It was family owned and run. I miss so much about those days. Mostly the weekly in person visits with my tribe, but also, those omelets.

Chia Pudding: https://ifoodreal.com/vanilla-chia-pudding/ . These are large portions. My snacks will consist of half of a jar each day.
Broccoli Fritters: https://www.thekitchn.com/2-ingredient-broccoli-fritters-recipe-23100737. This was a challenge for me, and even though many of them are not that pretty, they do taste good, and are fun to eat.
Baked spinach and mushroom baked eggs casserole with caramelized onions. No recipe required. I simply slow cooked the onions in my cast iron pan, then added the mushrooms, and let them go so the flavors became integrated and developed. I added the baby spinach in raw to the egg mixture. The egg mixture consists of 8 large whole eggs, salt and pepper, about 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast for flavor, and about a 1/4 cup of plain non fat yogurt for creaminess. I baked this in my 9 x9″ Pyrex pan which had been sprayed with olive oil at 350 for 25 min (or until set). I then let it cool down before dividing into my containers.
Meal Prep ready to go! It’s a veggie centric, protein packed, hearty lunch! Brunch for lunch!

That’s it for this week! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope I have inspired you in some way. Please feel free to send me your comments, questions, and critiques. Any meal prep ideas you have for me will also be greatly appreciated!

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Make it a great week! Be good to yourself. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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