After my first week working from home, I have come to realize that having your regular routine stripped away is a huge challenge. At this point, I am taking it one day at a time. I don’t know what each day is going to bring, and sometimes I won’t know until the day unfolds. It’s disconcerting for someone who has been so rigid in her routine for so many years. And here in lies the challenge and the lesson. The lesson being to adapt and move forward.

Some days I end up home on the computer. The other days, which are nomadic, to say the least, I work out of my car. During the days spent at home, I can at least simulate a normal office routine. I can drink all of my water, and eat the “safe” foods I have here. I can even take breaks where I can get up and stretch, or go out for a 20 minute walk, which I never did at the office. That’s all well and good, but I really do miss having people around, and movement, and noise. Have I mentioned how much I miss my coworkers?

The other days, when I am working out of my car are hectic and exhausting. I can’t drink my water, for lack of access to clean restrooms at all times, and meal times and places are not planned. Luckily my WW habits are well ingrained and I am good at making the best choices with what I am dealt as far as lunch goes. I did, however, get into a situation one day where I did not have chance to eat, nor did I have snacks in my car. Thirsty, starving, and stuck in traffic does not a happy camper make. I will adjust.

The most important thing I do for myself is keep my workout routine solid. I water jog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the late afternoon. That is non negotiable, and the perfect way to decompress. That, and my normal evening routine at home with my husband are keeping me grounded, so I have some semblance of normalcy.

At this time, I am not doing weekly meal preps for myself. As I previously mentioned, and detailed in last week’s blog, I am keeping a safe pantry, refrigerator, and freezer in my home with the things I enjoy eating, as well as plenty of water, and tea. I have a new, fun breakfast sandwich that my husband invented. I had it today, and plan to make it for myself a couple of times this week, and switch off with my yogurt, berry, and cereal bowl that I also mentioned last week.

The sandwich is one egg fried in canola oil spray inside a metal ring, so it’s perfectly shaped. I place it on a toasted 100 calorie multi grain English muffin with a meatless patty, a little sliced tomatoes, and mustard. It is filling and delicious. The English muffin is 3 points. The meatless patty I used today was 3 points, and the egg, tomato, and mustard are all 0 points. Today I bought Trader Joe’s meatless breakfast patty to use during the week that is just 2 points. So that will be a 5 point breakfast. I also have to have my small organic banana every morning as my after breakfast treat.

Perfectly proportioned breakfast sandwich

The Sweets Conundrum

I have been wanting to bring up this topic for a while now. Sweets are so important to us. And why not? Sugar is delicious. And addicting. Of course, those of us on healthy lifestyle eating plans, weight loss plans, or who are diabetic are constantly either working to stay away from sweets altogether, or are always looking for viable substitutes. That’s me. I have to have my “after dinner treat”, or I don’t feel satisfied.

Some of my go-tos are simply sweet fruits, like my beloved Cara Cara oranges, or fresh strawberries topped with real whipped topping out of the can (15 cal for 2 tblsp/ 1 point). My favorite store bought sweets include Jello Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding cups, sugar free frozen fudge pops (just 40 calories each, or 3 points for 2 pops), and my favorite, any low calorie ice cream or novelty by Enlightened. I am a huge fan of their products:

Last week I made tropical mango popsicles using Stevia, and today I made chocolate chia pudding, also using Stevia. I want to dispel the myths about Stevia. Unlike other sugar substitutes it is derived from a plant. To me, it is as sweet as sugar, and doesn’t have the aftertaste that you associate with sugar substitutes.

Chia Seeds, by the way, are packed with omega-3s, protein, and antioxidants. They go in everything – yogurt, oatmeal, baked goods, smoothies. I even put them in my veggie egg white fritattas.

Chocolate Chia Pudding

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