Your Pantry – Is It Safe? Is It Ready for Any Emergency?

Today’s conversation is about The Pantry. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight, or just want to eat more healthily, having a pantry full of safe, yet delicious foods that you love is essential.

The good news is that we have so many wonderful choices these days. We don’t have to just shop the perimeter of the supermarket anymore to stay on track. There are great choices in those aisles of delicious low calorie, low sodium soups, low fat salad dressings, low calorie breads and tortillas, crackers, desserts, and so much more. And lets talk about what is available in produce these days – salad kits! Life changing. Prepared bags of lettuces, slaws, and vegetables of all kinds, already cut up! Let’s not forget the frozen aisles. Speaking of veggies. There are great combinations of frozen veggies already mixed for us – Asian veggie mix, Italian veggie mix. There is prepared butternut squash, spiralized veggies, riced veggies.

My suggestion is that you give yourself a good hour or more to explore the supermarket of your choice one day. Take the time to go up and down those aisles slowly and methodically, reading all the labels of the foods that are interesting to you. Make good decisions. You might try things that you don’t like, well, good, lesson learned. Move on and try something new.

My WW wellness coach (she’ll always be my leader) suggests shopping at several different market chains to explore the options. I don’t have a lot of time, so I pretty much stick to Ralph’s and Trader Joe’s. I have gone through these two neighborhood stores of mine countless times throughout the years with my handy WW point scanner, and reading labels.

I only did a little bit of meal prep today, as I decided to rely on my pantry this week for my lunches. Today instead of egg white omelette muffins, I turned them into a little crust less “quiche” thing instead for fun. And I made more cinnamon overnight oats to have on hand.

Egg White Crust Less “Quiche”
Notice the pantry items used here – jarred roasted red peppers, canola oil spray, the produce I had on hand.
The Finished Product

Below are photos of my pantry. Remember, these are just the things I like to keep in my house, that I enjoy eating. Have fun exploring the supermarkets and specialty stores in your area discovering the healthy foods that you love.

Canned Products. Some are ready to open and eat, others ready to help you create a great new recipe
Convenient proteins, salad ready
Refrigerator full of delicious condiments, and of course non fat plain Greek yogurt and berries.
I like crackers. The almond milk is on hand for my overnight oats. I use unsweetened vanilla
Sandwich options
Options from the freezer, and my go to cold cuts
Veggie options in my freezer. Perfect for veggie soups, side dishes, and add in ingredients for the recipe du jour
Dessert, of course.
Snacks on Hand

The next photos are of recent meals made with pantry items. It makes on the fly meal planning so easy.

Scoopy Salmon Salad, recipe courtesy of Hungry Girl.
Pantry items: Prepared Salmon out of the pouch, Dijonaise, and the beet crackers you saw in my cupboard above for the scoopy part. This was lunch last week.
Icelandic Cod Mexican style. Made with Rotel diced tomatoes with green chiles, and Uncle Ben’s instant brown rice. This was dinner last Friday night.

I hope I have inspired you to create your own pantry and your own easy, healthy recipes. For more ideas check out my recipe collections on Pinterest:

Please chime in with your pantry favorites! I would love to hear what your favorites are! Join the conversation.

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